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    external Interface and FireFox Browser


      I hope some of our findings for this issue will also help other people with similar situation.

      What is happening in FireFox is the clickable elements embedded in our flash movie cease to function after 1 click. SWFobject is being utilized on our webpage, with "allowScriptAccess","sameDomain", and defined NAME and ID parameters as required by the browsers.

      We have Flash Player 9 installed and using Flash 8 to generate a *.SWF, Windows XP.
      WIthin our *.as file, we're calling Javascript... via externalinterface.call and externalinterface.callback
      and including: import flash.external.*; Our project resides in a frameset environment, where our Flash resides in the top frame, and HTML resides in the bottom frame.

      We tested in FireFox, Netscape8, Opera 9.10, and IE6 in addition to Safari 2.0.4 for Macintosh and found everything functioning as intended, except within FireFox. We can click on our movie objects in the *.SWF and they will activate the intented javaScript functions. When the JavaSciprt function is complete, control is successfully passed back to Flash to complete the fucntion. We've traced through our coding with javaScript alerts and our JavaScript functions were being accessed by Flash successfully. We tried substituting the External Interface.call with getURL(javascript:function().....), but once the JavaScript function completed, we are unable to communicate back with Flash. Most of our intended audience have Flash Player 9 installed. Currently we are not passing any variables from Flash to JavaScript, but just calling the function itself.

      Is there a workaround or modification in addition to "getURL..." for this situation? Appreciate the help and Thanks.