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    Question regarding video card upgrade = worse performance

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I am running Premiere CS 5.5 on a Windows 764-bit  machine (i7 processor, 16 GB ram).  I had been using a GTX 460 video card with the CUDA text file edited so that Premiere could use this card with the MPE GPU Acceleration turned on.  And it worked well enough.  Last week, I uninstalled that card and installed a GTX 760.  On paper, every spec of the new card is better -  more memory, more CUDA processors, faster core speed, etc.  And once again, I added the name of this card to the CUDA txt file, and I am able to turn on the MPE GPU Acceleration setting.  But my performance since adding the GTX 760 is noticeably worse.  The video jitters when playing back a timeline, even though the line above everything is yellow.  Even a simple cross dissolve causes a delay in the playback.  However, setting the MPE to "software only" gives me smoother playback. 


      The Premiere Pro Benchmark test gives me worse results for everything except the h.264 blu ray encoding.  Yet any gaming benchmark program tells me that this card is significantly better than the 460.


      Is there something more that had to be done to get Premiere CS5.5 to fully utilize the power of the GTX 760?


      I am thinking about upgrading to Premiere CC, but I am in the middle of too many projects right now to start using a new version of the software.