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    Where are Adjustment Brush and Grad Filter Tools


      I've been using PSE but am now beginning to learn ACR 8.5 within Photoshop Elements 12.  Various tips and training I've seen online refer to tools I don't seem to have, i.e Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter Tools, etc.  In this particular tutorial, the user has Camera Raw 8.1, but with a bunch of tools both on the top and on the right under the histogram.  I would think 8.5 is a later and more up to date version than 8.1 and would include more tools not less.

        I only have zoom, hand, white balance, crop, straighten, red eye, preferences, rotate at the top; and on the right basic, detail and camera calibration.

      I'm sure there's a simple explanation, like perhaps he's using Raw within Photoshop and I'm within Elements; I don't know.  Would appreciate help.  Thanks!