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    Where are Adjustment Brush and Grad Filter Tools

    roxybella Level 1

      I've been using PSE but am now beginning to learn ACR 8.5 within Photoshop Elements 12.  Various tips and training I've seen online refer to tools I don't seem to have, i.e Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter Tools, etc.  In this particular tutorial, the user has Camera Raw 8.1, but with a bunch of tools both on the top and on the right under the histogram.  I would think 8.5 is a later and more up to date version than 8.1 and would include more tools not less.

        I only have zoom, hand, white balance, crop, straighten, red eye, preferences, rotate at the top; and on the right basic, detail and camera calibration.

      I'm sure there's a simple explanation, like perhaps he's using Raw within Photoshop and I'm within Elements; I don't know.  Would appreciate help.  Thanks!