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    Adobe Digital Editions - where's touch screen support?

    timothy ct65548598

      I have a Yoga 2 that works GREAT with Adobe Acrobat Pro X as a touch screen reader. I was FORCED to download Digital Editions for an e-book I needed, because there were no security plug-ins for Pro X. Now I'm stuck with ADE... it pages slowly... I have to use a Mouse to scroll if I rotate the Yoga into a reading orientation... can't see the entire page in laptop mode, and PgDn/ PgUp don't work well...Can anyone PLEASE provide any guidance on either a) a security plug-in for Acrobat Pro that will allow me to use it, or b) "fix" ADE so it's even marginally functional?


      And Adobe please take note.  IMHO, ADE is - at best - WAY BELOW standard for an e-book reader. Shame for inflicting this on the market.