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    Does ADE drop support after the publisher stops selling?


      My book works in ADE on laptop #1.  I installed ADE on laptop #2, authorized it (my 2nd device), and copied the book.  When I try to open the book I receive "This document is not licensed for this device".  Ctrl-shift-I shows the same identification information on both laptops.  I contacted the publisher and the publisher thinks it is because they don't sell the book for ADE now:  "We can confirm you have the entitlement for the ADE version of the ebook, and we can provide you with the book, but Adobe would need to troubleshoot issues with your Adobe ID and accessing content. We don't have access to their authorization and download servers.  I've seen this issue in the past, and it stemmed from the fact that the ebook no longer was available in ADE format."  The publisher is working on getting me a license for a different platform, but I find it ridiculous that I can't simply open the book with ADE.  I've spent for too long on this already and am not looking forward to yet another eBook platform.  I'm hoping someone who reads this is with ADE and can address the issue.  The book is "Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory, Third Edition".