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    5/20/2015 - Beta - AIR

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      This beta release provides access to the latest AIR SDK for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.  You can download the AIR beta here: Download Adobe AIR 18 Beta - Adobe Labs


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 18. Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:


      • VideoTexture Support for Android

      The current ActionScript (AS) implementation on Android doesn't allow direct access to texture from video or camera for use with Stage3D.  Currently, in order to use video or camera frames as textures with stage3D, the SWF content developer must use a bitmap representation of a video or camera frame.  Once a bitmap is created from the video or camera object, the developer needs to create a texture and update the created texture with the bitmap.  This process normally requires multiple copying of the bitmap, which can be slow and resource intensive.


      To resolve this problem, this feature provides video texture objects that support NetStream and Cameras in a manner consistent/similar to StageVideo.  Such textures can be used as source textures in stage3D rendering pipeline.


      This feature is already supported on Win,Mac and iOS and in this release we have implemented this feature it on Android.  This will be supported on Android devices with OS version >= Icecream-Sandwich (i.e. Android 4.0)


      • Build Number in AIR iOS

      This feature will allow developers to update only the build number while keeping the version number same so that their application is available quickly on Testflight for beta testing. Now <versionLabel> tag will be used to populate CFBundleShortVersionString and <versionNumber> for CFBundleVersion. Previously we used only <versionNumber> to populate both the keys in info.plist. CFBundleShortVersionString will be the final release version application version of the application. This is useful in case of TestFlight because if developers do only minor changes in application , then they can only update CFBundleVersion to skip the app review phase by Apple(which is time consuming).


      • ADT Packaging Time Improvement with Support for Parallel Compilation for iOS

      Air 18 introduced multi-threading support in compiler. With this improvement, we have gained around 20% in packaging time on the top of last improvement which was made in Air 17.

      • Stage3D - Standard Extended Profile for Desktop

      In version 17 of the Runtime, Standard Extended Profile was introduced for iOS and Android devices that support GLES.  In version 18, Standard Extended Profile support is now available for Flash Player and AIR desktop.

      • ETC2 Support for ATF

      With OpenGL ES 3.0 a new texture compression technique i.e. ETC2 (Ericsson Texture Compression 2) was introduced as a standard feature.

      ATF (Adobe Texture Format) is a container format provided by Adobe for different compression formats supported by different platforms. It supported three gpu texture compression formats till now which are DXT1/5(desktop), ETC1 (Ericsson Texture Compression 1) (android) and PVRTC (iOS). In AIR SDK 18, ETC2 support is added (Ericsson Texture Compression 2) in ATF. Now app developers can use ATF with ETC2 which will work both on Android and iOS devices which are OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant.

      Earlier ATF could only be created for either one or all three texture compression formats, now user can use any combination of compression formats to create an ATF. By default –c argument in png2atf now creates an ATF having all four textures (etc1, etc2, dxt1 and pvrtc). Argument “e2” is introduced for creating ATF having etc2 texture.

      This feature is enabled with swf-version 29.

      ATF tools (png2atf, pvr2atf, atfinfo and atfviewer) are upgraded to provide support for etc2 for ATF. These tools will be available in the AIR SDK under the AIRSDK/atftools directory.

      Please see our release notes for complete details.



      Fixed Issues:

      • ld error “ld: in , unsupported address encoding (13) of personality function in CIE for architecture arm64 Compilation failed while executing : ld64 on packaging with WIN SDK. (Bug 3950027)
      • Can not obtain contex3d in nexus 6 and samsung note 4 having Lollipop 5.1 (3967293)
      • Error occurred while installing the application:Installation Error: PackageExtractionFailed on iOS from Flash Builder (3963902)
      • "Error #3672: Buffer creation failed" while calling createVertexBuffer() to a Texture on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (3960859)
      • "Texture format mismatch" while uploading BitmapData to a Texture on Samsung Galaxy Tab (3959595)
      • Application crashes on playing any flv video using stage video (Bug 3976878)
      • When a simple App is created with just one List box, it works on the Desktop, but not on iOS. (3979411)
      • App crashes when getting and setting booleans through interfaces. (3964980)
      • Fixed compiler bug affecting packaging with windows SDK.
      • [Android] Application with video texture applied, flickers on start up. (3965105)
      • [Android] Camera miniature is display at top-left corner when StageVideo video is playback where as working on desktop. (3950651)
      • [Android] Camera continuous auto focus feature not work on Android even Camera.setMode property set. (3970215)
      • ASC 2.0 -inline=true: Compiler crashes with Exception "Generated byte code contains an operand stack underflow." (3979134)
      • Parameter firstLine must be non-null" Error on using TLFTextField (3986791)
      • [Android] Gamepad does not come up when the device is shaken.
      • [Android] Camera flickers continuously on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Inch ( 3974103)
      • [Android] Multiple Hardware accelerated video cannot be played simultaneously (3972400)
      • FLV video is not working on render modes GPU and Direct while working fine on CPU render mode only; with both Mac and Win AIRSDK. (3948210)


      Known Issues:

      • WIN: The IPA file does not get generated on the respective iOS devices while publishing 'AIR for iOS' with localized file name OR having localized character in path of provisioning file. (3941829)
      • FLV video encoded with H264 is not working with stage video, video is not getting rendered whereas working fine on desktop (3950740)
      • App re-activate Problem in Android with StageVideo when Rendering mode is Direct. (3947547)
      • Software accelerated video playback with continuous flicker and appears greenish on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Inch (3974126)
      • Multiple Hardware accelerated video cannot be played simultaneously. However, multi video texture for software accelerated videos and camera are working fine. (3972400)
      • Video texture for Hardware accelerated videos is not working on Samsung S4 with lollipop, Application hangs on launch. (3977696)
      • [Android][Samaung galaxy tab 4 7 inch]: Video doesn't playback on switching from Baseline to Baseline_Constrained profile (3977717)
      • [Android]: Application goes blank on bring it back to foreground when more than four Video textures are used in it. (3974987)
      • [Android] ASC2.0 compiled app report Type Coercion crashes with MovieClips in SWC. (3578605)
      • [Android]: On unloading multiple video textures, video unloads but audio keeps playing.(3988675)
      • [Android] Green strip appears at bottom of video texture for hardware accelerated videos on lenovo yoga tablet. (3988668)
      • Portrait keyboard appears in a landscape application on coming back from a camera roll UI, when device is kept on a flat surface. (3939049)
      • The IPA file does not get generated on the respective iOS devices while publishing 'AIR for iOS' with localized file name OR having localized character in path of provisioning file. (3941829)



      About the Beta Channel

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      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: AIR Labs Page