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    motion tracking a face which is moving towards the camera?

    djmattyz Level 1

      for a film im making,  im using position / rotation tracking for faces. im changing their eyes using PNGs of different eyes on top of them.


      this works dandy when the face remains more or less equal distance from the camera but i notice some problems when the person moves towards the camera, or camera zooms in

      it seems hard to keep the eyes, particlarly the secondary eye, in place. the distance between the eyes changes as the person gets closer, but the eyes stay in same place, hence the    position of one of the eyes  must be altered in order to stay on the target, problem here is that any incoherence between the orientation or placement of the eyes will be jarring and very obviousl


      so, for some projects i have kept the eyes in a comp of their own, which is good if they have pupils, because the pupils cant be moving around independently of one another.  this enables me to increase the size of the layer as the person gets closer,  which increases both eyes equally and keeps the pupils oriented the same , but the problem here seems to be that when i increase the size of the layer, the rotation data becomes more pronounced, which displaces the secondary eye anyways leaving me in trouble.


      any ideas on better ways?