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    How to fix Audio Spectrum Mask issue?  HELP!


      Hey everyone, I am having a tough time cracking this issue most likely due to being a novice editor.  Any help is very much appreciated. 


      I have a layout that I use everyday.  When I made the layout, I had it in 1280x720 not 1920x1080 - so when I wanted to skip the extra work and just scale things up, I scaled up my Spectrum Comp by to 130%.  Although, now when I render my videos there seems to be a limited box about 300 pixels around the full comp size pertaining to the spectrum bars not being able to reach outside of those limits.  I know it's some type of issue with the scale or mask settings.  I'm looking to simply get rid of the mask and keep everything the same exact size.  Can anyone provide help? 


      Let me know if I can provide anything else that would help.


      Thank you,



      Mask Issue.png