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    LR 6.0 install fails,  will not take code

    Richard Clary

      bought LR 6.0, put it on one machine, it took the code.  trying to put it on the #2 machine, it says "this adobe ID is already being used on 2 machines.  what does my email have to do w/ a box product?  how does it even know that exists?  I DO NOT have any CC garbage on this machine and never did.  2 hours 41 minutes on "chat" and phone shows adobe support to be useless, phone WILL NOT help, chat (India) is totally unable to grasp the concept.  This will not give me a window to put the code in.  If I hear the poor English from india correctly, adobe now allows only CC, so, why are they selling $150 products that do not work?  Does someone know of a way to get some kind of install help in America?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AFAIK, you are allowed for 2 installations (i.e Desktop and Mobile). It does "phone home" using your AdobeID to check the validity of your serial and the number of active installations. You can have more installation but nor more than 2 active ones with the same serial. This also applies for the standalone perpetual license.

          Here's how to change a CC/Test installation to a standalone: https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/serialize-lightroom-cc-trial-to-activate-as-lightroom -6.html

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            Richard Clary Level 1

            Thank  you for the reply, however, as much as everyone quotes this, it is not the actual problem.  After 6 hours 21 minutes of incredible frustration, I accidentally hit a page (the same one you just sent me!) that adobe plain out admits that IF you are on the hated CC then Adobe will not let you install anything else on any other machines! 

            The method then becomes known.  Adobe forces your machine to "phone home" every time it boots up.  Not just monthly or quarterly like some think.  It is thus necessary to create or use a different email and have the machine unhooked from the internet before it will install.  So, I just made one up.  More Adobe ridiculous harassment of customers.  Probably not as much fun to just say that in the install, better to make people mad and frustrated seems to be the new method. 

            So, I finally got it installed at 1 A.M. today, and worked 2 pictures after the hour long "catalog update".  I then turned it off, went to sleep, turned on the computer again and now it "has to update the catalog" upon starting, goes on for about 20 minutes w/ that and then locks up to a white no response screen.  Of course calling India is always a non-starter as they say the words but, do not know the actual meaning of what they are hearing.  "Chatting" to India is more of the same, it just takes 12 times as long.

            Just to mention, Adobe phone support will NOT support version 6.0.  They flat refuse, saying do chat.  The chat people finally admit they know nothing and say call the help phone line.  More circular logic.

            This is so frustrating I think it best to just buy Phase One software and give up.  I do thank you for trying here.