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    Lightroom CC is a mess.

    riverrunpast Level 1

      Multiple problems with LR CC. For the first time since version 1, I've experienced serious problems:

      1: No Video transport controls.

      2. Unable to import from iPhone 6

      3. Cannot select music for Slide Show.

      4. Will not play slideshow, screen remains blank.

      5. Outboard HDR will not save to LR.

      6. Export to Photoshop CC hang


      Two hour chat with Support nets zero results


      MacBook Pro 10.10.3

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          Tanja2014 Level 3

          sad but true.


          and now that adobe has hooked a great deal of people to the cloud they can get away with it.


          like many have predicted... subscription will not make things better... it makes things worse.

          more updates?  faster fixes for bugs thanks to subscription?  yeah really?



          subscription customers pay anyway.. so you can serve them whatever crap you have to offer.


          LR6 is not faster then LR5 on 90% of the systems out there.... i bet!

          i have a 980GTX and i turned GPU support off.


          the new pano and hdr features are for smartphone user.

          they offer no options and work only for the simplest tasks.

          the pano tool is like the pano tools back from 2006.

          try to stitch a spherical pano or a indoor pano. artifacts over and over.. unusable.


          some common video formats are still not supported.

          hell then get rid of that video stuff when you don´t get it right after so many updates!


          face recognition.... lol.

          try picassa and weep..... there is really nothing more to say.


          seeing LR CC crash when scott kelby made the LR CC introduction show was a bad omen..... "oh it´s the beta.. it´s a beta!!" ..... yeah sure.....


          sorry for the rant but for me LR CC is the worst release for a while.. i had great hopes and they were all crushed.

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            riverrunpast Level 1

            What, regarding the FACTS of my issue below, does the moderator dislike do you suppose?




            Since I don't read or speak Japanese, I can only note:

            We want every connection you have with Adobe to be as exceptional as our products. So, if you’re stuck, or something doesn’t work the way you expect it to, our Customer Care promise is to provide you with an easy way to get a quick response that is accurate and complete. When we don’t live up to that promise, please let me know. Your feedback is what helps us learn from our mistakes and allows us to continually improve the experience we deliver.

            — Chris Hall, Head of Adobe Customer Success


            The "I'll get back to you" comment is now two days old. Like I've got nothing better to do than wait two working days for somebody who DOESN'T ask "Have you reinstalled the program?" Or how about "Try loading MY song into your non-functional slide show." Because obviously the music you've used for years in previous versions is somehow corrupt.


            This feeling of helplessness/cluelessness certainly was never before a part of "the Adobe experience." It has been a full year since I first queried "support" about PS CC hanging upon LR 5 export. I export to PS 6 now because it works, and I hate it every time I do it.


            Like maybe they figure I'll just dry up and blow away...?