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    How to make a pdf searchable, but not editable

    wpth1234 Level 1

      Have some pdf's that I need to put online for others to use, but the info needs to be kept exactly as is, what can I do to  make this info secure, while allowing others to search? Thanks

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you sign the document electronically, you can be sure document wasn't changed. You can sign with a certificate to be sure. However, nothing will ever stop anyone of taking a document you post and recreating it, if it can be opened it can be recreated. If it is signed with your certificate, you  can only be sure that the copy will not be signed with your certificate.


          Now searchable is another story. A signed document can be searched when opened. Do you want the document to be searchable from Google and other search providers? That is another kettle of fish because most secure signed documents are encrypted. However, Acrobat DC (for example) allows


          1) Encrypt all document contents or

          2) Encrypt all document contents except metadata (Acrobat 6 and later compatible)

          3) Encrypt only file attachments (Acrobat 7 and later compatible)


          So choosing (3) may do what you want.