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    Editing signature in Acrobat Pro 9

    barryb1971 Level 1

      In Acrobat Pro 9, is it possible to edit the appearance of your signature so that only the date of signing appears with including the local time and time zone?  Also, is it possible to make the date text smaller in relationship to the imported signature image?  If so, how?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          You can create a custom appearance. It is somewhere in the preferences and I do not have Acrobat 9 anymore to check how to get to them (it changes several times in Acrobat 9/X and XI). But in the sign dialog when it presents you with the signature appearance you can click on the signature appearance name field and there is a "New Appearance" choice. Select it and you'll get a "Create Signature Appearance" dialog where you can select which fields to show. I do not think that you can change font/size/color of the text.

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