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    Tethering problems



      I encountered a real tricky thing when I worked with tethering in Lightroom.

      Everything worked perfectly during shooting and then I wandered off with the laptop to start working.

      Now, I thought it was so, that when I connected the computer from my disks that Lightroom would copy over the files on my external hard drive automatically. For all of my other images located on a G-Raid.



      Okay, now comes the accident.

      I marked the first image, which was not good and removed it from the disk.

      Problem 1 is that I did not notice that everyone was marked. The difference in the marked is too small. So now I had erased all. Boom!



      Okay, where are the pictures? There are duplicates on the camera's memory cards. No.

      Somewhere on the disks. No.



      So, my question is. How do you prevent this?



      Very grateful for any response.



      Regards // Pelle

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you empty the trash? If not go there or to the recycle bin and try to restore those items to disk.

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            pelled Level 1

            Yes, I did empty the trash, Stupid me... but I have a very good back up service in the Cloud, So I got back in game.


            But you know...

            Here is some questions:


            1, is there a way to have a better marking in the Library? The light Grey is not so good.

            2. is there a way, when you tethering that makes copies on the cameras card? Or similar.


            Regs // Per

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think it depends on the camera. Some will work tethered with a storage card and others won't work.


              Take care emptying the trash. Maybe leave it till next day!