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    Flash Lite nested 'dynamic' movie clip names aka Why must Flash Lite destroy me?


      I'm having problems defining the properties of a nested movie clip

      beaconmap_search_mc.eval(curMapPlace)._alpha = 50; is the offending line

      eval(curMapPlace) being the nested movie clip

      It says I have to export is as flash 5 for it to work.
      Seems ok according to this page:
      I have also tried using /: syntax, same problem.

      It works when the nested movie clip name is named outright
      (for example: beaconmap_search_mc.C1._alpha = 50;)
      so I'm obviously doing something horribly wrong there.

      Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

      I've had a few too many glasses of wine and a few too many hours on this assignment to work it out myself. And in general am just an awful programmer.