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    Two problems with Lightroom


      1) I have to reinstall the app all the time...all other apps in CC is just updated, but Lightroom disappears as an app and needs to be installed again! This is happening both at my stationary and my Laptop!

      2) Right now I cannot open Lightroom at all on my Laptop (works on the stationary PC). At launching, I have a message saying (translated from Swedish): Lightroom has discovered a fault from prewiew cache and had to be closed. Lightroom will try to correct at next launching. However it doesn't:-(!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          There is a problem in your preview file cache. The easiest thing to do is to delete the cache and let LR create it again:

          Close LR.

          Using your OS tools, navigate to the directory containing your LR catalog (*.lrcat).

          In that directory, find the directory name ending in "Previews.lrdata".

          Delete that directory.

          Restart LR.