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    Video files and lightroom

    eacasta Level 1

      I have some old homemade footage that I would like to incorporate to Ligthroom. But I find two problems on wich I would appreciate your sugestions:


          1. Some files are in formats that Ligthroom doesn't accept (vob and 3gp). I tried to change the vob extension to mpg without result. Is there any plug-in or trick I can usse to "force" Ligthroom to accept them? If not, I would like to convert them into any other format with these 3 conditions: a) no quality loose; b) the more "universal" format possible (lets say something like jpg for photography); and c) of course, fully Ligthroom compatible. What format and software for this task do you sugest?


          2. Once the previous problem is solved, I'm not sure how to import the video footage into Ligthroom: a) within the same catalog where stills are, or b) to create a new catalog only for video. I'm leaned towards one single catalog (with stills and video files), but safety is a big concern as it will have to manage over 80.000 files and something like 500gb of information (and growing quickly). What's your recomendation?


      Some some more information:

          • vob files are the resulting files from capturing analog video recorded in a home videocamera of the 90' with Pinnacle Sudio some years ago (in fact they are inside the tipical vs-audio and vs-video folder structure, but I never created indexes, subtitles, etc. So the only information in these files are the original video and audio).

          • 3gp files are video files recorded by an HTC phone 3-5 years ago.

          • In the near future I don't intend to go into further editing my footage. I only want to use Library module in LR. Nevertheless, in a few years I may want to edit these files.


      Thanks in advance to all you.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          I would do an internet search for programs that convert videos to different formats. (Or maybe someone can jump in here and give an example or two). I used to have such a program, but it was a long time ago and came with some other device that I bought, and I no longer remember the name.


          Once it is converted to a format that is compatible with Lightroom, you simply import it, the same as you import any other video or still photo. I prefer a single catalog for many reasons, but I believe that your concerns about catalog size are not real concerns, that the size of your catalog and image/video collection is not a problem for Lightroom.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            You might consider using the Video Asset Management or Any File plugins to import the existing video files into your LR catalog.  This would let you manage them with LR while you incrementally convert them to a more modern, common format. 


            In general, LR's support for video is pretty weak, especially for video metadata and for older formats.   If you care about preserving your metadata for the long-term, you might consider those plugins. 

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
              What format and software for this task do you sugest?

              I'm far from an expert on video formats.  However, I use Handbrake (free) and Xilisoft Video Converter (paid) for the occasional conversions I need to do.