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    Upgrade to Solid State Drive?


      I installed and registered this software from a CD about a year ago.  I am upgrading to a Solid State Drive and do not trust a clone of the program.  I want to uninstall, inform Adobe, and then reinstall from my CD.  Does Adobe let me do this?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are allowed to have two machines with activated installations - but you can install on as many machines as you like.  You can deactivate and reactivate as needed for different machines as long as you do not try to have more than two activated at any given time.


          In your case what you can do is deactivate the current installation by opening one of the programs and choosing Help -> Deactivate.  That is all you should need to do. You don't need to contact Adobe to tell them anything, but indirectly you did that by deactivating the installation.  When you get the new drive installed just use the disc to reinstall and then activate it with the serial number from the disc.  If you have any problem with the disc there are downloads available for installing as well.