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    How can I synchronize a book with a template that has editable styled text and stationary graphics?


      I would like to synchronize files that were all created using the same master page template. The master page that they were created with utilizes the character and paragraph styles that are consistent. The 'Body' paragraph style, or the 'Project Info' character style, is applied to the same place in each sheet.

      On the master page that each sheet was created with, I filled the text boxes with placeholder text. There are stationary graphics, like a logo, company name, and other graphics on the page that remain the same per sheet.

      What I want to do is to be able to change the font/ spacing/ otherwise edit the character and paragraph styles, as well as the stationary graphics, and apply all of these to the sheets.


      The problems I have run into so far include: when the "Synchronize Options: Synchronize Master Pages" box is checked, placeholder text is written over the content that I filled in.

      If I delete the placeholder text in the master page (retaining the paragraph/ character styles per text box) and the sync master page option is still checked, in some (not all?!) instancesit writes over the edited content with blank text boxes- thus erasing that information from the file.


      I want to use the synchronize master page option because of the logo and other stationary graphics that I want to import to all of the sheets.


      So, my question is- how can I synchronize files to have editable text areas that retain their content, with stationary graphics, that I can change the styles of (content) and location of (graphics) at once? How can I avoid both writing over them with placeholder text, and without replacing content with blank space? Should I be using the synchronize master page option?

      Should I set up the template (with the master page) that I use to create these sheets differently so that I can avoid these issues in the future?


      Any help is appreciated.