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      Hi Everybody,

      Since 3 days i'm trying to learn Flex 2 and AS3.
      But i have 2 questions.

      1. How can i make links to switch between different panels?
      2. How can i make a link to this page: delete.php?id=1. If people click on this link the app have to excecute this page and refresh itself. Is this possible?

      Kind regards,
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          Hi Martijn,

          You're trying to treat a flex application like an html page, and it isn't - you don't 'refresh' the page/application in flex - it's a dynamic application more like a thick client app.

          What you may consider doing is using the HTTPService to POST (my recommendation) or GET the url. The response to the request can contain data which you can use to refresh the contents of some control in your application.

          For your first question, you wouldn't really use "links" - once again this is an application, not a page. You could use a ViewStack with buttons or linkButtons.

          See the ViewStack example on the flex component explorer http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/sdk/explorer/explorer.html for some sample code.