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    Using hyperlinks to create an interactive pdf


      I'm trying to create an interactive company directory which has multiple hyperlinks; some go to a destination within the pdf, some go to an email link and some dial a phone number. Almost all of them work (all of the email and phone number hyperlinks work when viewed on both an iPhone and and Android); however some of the hyperlinks that go to a destination within the document don't seem to work. I've created all of the links in InDesign, then exported to a interactive pdf. It seems like all the links that are hyperlinked directly from text work, however when I use an object as a hyperlink (to create a button), sometimes they work and sometimes they do not; although the settings for all of them are the same. The entire thing works when viewed in Acrobat on a computer, it just seems to fail when viewing on a mobile device.

      Has anybody come across this or have any ideas?