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    New Lightroom HDR feature compared to Photoshop? Plus Panorama

    BlueCosmo5050 Level 1

      I was excited to see that Lightroom had HDR. However, many have said it's horrible and the worse HDR processor they've ever seen.


      With that said, how does it stack up against the old way of doing it, being Photoshop? I used to do HDR in Photoshop and then edit the file in Lightroom.


      Also, how does the Panorama feature compare to Phtoshops panorama? Does the lightroom version mean we get to edit a raw panorama and photoshop we do not? Is it as accurate? I was happy with the way Photoshop did it? Any help on this topic would be useful.


      I'm also open to other software as well. I can't afford Photomatix right now but I am still open to suggestion. I don't like to do HDR's where they look too fake. I just like to expose the sky different than the foreground mostly.


      Sometimes I do this in photoshop without turning on HDR mode, by just painting around the different exposures. However, sometimes I like to do it through HDR mode.


      One major problem I have though, is if I edit an HDR photo in photoshop camera raw, once I save it in lightroom it looks nothing like that at all. It's missing something. I have set both programs to ProPhotoRGB and I export at SRGB. Please give me tips, even the ones I haven't asked, if you think of anything in this subject let me know.


      I mostly do not use the regular exposure shot in my HDR. I use about 2 under and 2 above. Sometimes a little more and put it together and it gives me the look I want. If I put the regular exposed picture in there it can sometimes take away from the look I'm going for. Sometimes it works though. That could just be photoshop's way of doing it.


      I have tested one HDR in Lightroom until I heard a lot of professionals, who I respect, say it was horrible. Trey Ratclif said it was horrible and he is known as the worlds leading HDR photographer. Also Tony Northup and Chelsea Northup said it was horrible as well and they do not hate on products often. They love lightroom.


      I am new to HDR in a way. I know what I'm doing but I haven't done it enough to know how horrible it is. I trust their opinion. However, they did not reveal if the Photoshop HDR was fine.

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          If you want surreal HDR, you don't want Lightroom. If you want increased dynamic range and beautiful, natural looking images, Lightroom's HDR happens to be excellent. Not perfect yet, but still really good. It creates smaller files sizes that the 32bit images that can come back to Lightroom for processing. It's also practically a raw file too, with full White Balance control.


          But like I've said, if it's the surreal saturated gritty HDR you want, look elsewhere.

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            BlueCosmo5050 Level 1

            Do you know how it stacks up against Photoshop? I was going to try it tonight but the pictures I took weren't exactly the type of pictures I'd use HDR with. I did it anyway but I could quickly tell it didn't make much of a difference. I haven't gotten to do a landscape since I've had lightroom CC. I'm looking for the more natural look but with the skies that pop. I can get that on photoshop for sure, I've been doing it on there a while now. But I've heard everyone say don't do it in lightroom. What about Panoramas?

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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              Again, it's creating a Pano file as almost raw. To be clear it's demosaicing the sensor information into a useable format, but other than that it's essentially a raw file. It's not the same engine as Photoshop and some people have had stitches where one image was ignored or misplaced. I've been fortunate with all of mine so far, and I do a few. Back when I had a Smugmug account I'd a whole gallery of them. And will again when I redo my site for the millionth time.


              Rocky Nook, my publisher, have a free ebook on HDR and Panos:



              I didn't write it, so it's not self promo, but as it's free, you may find it of use.