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    How do I preload a progressively streaming FLV movie on frame 5 from frame 1?

    bobmcinnis Level 1
      I've got a flash movie that has a couple of buttons on frame one and a FLV movie in a player on frame 5. While it's paused on frame 1 I'd like the FLV to preload, that is, start progressively loading so when people click on the button that moves them to frame 5 the movie has already been loading for a while. The FLV movie player on frame 5 is already set up to be paused and start progressively loading, but, of course, it's not until I get to frame 5.

      Alternatively, maybe I can have both the button and the movie under it on frame 1 and just have the button disappear when clicked on. That would work but I don't know how to do it.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.