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    on Mac - external drive is visible only in /Volumes and not as an object




      I work on Mac OS X 10.10.3 with newest Lightroom CC version.

      In my main catalog I see all external drives, NAS drives and second internal drive only under the main drive (OSX19) in the root volumes (/Volumes/) folders.




      "OSX10" is my MAC system drive. "Cloud" is a share on my Synology NAS. "Ohne Titel 2" is a USB drive connectet on my mac. "Photo" is also a share on my Synology NAS.


      When I open an new Lightroom catalog for testing, all drives are organized in a drive object:




      Could anybody help me? What is wrong with my main lightroom catalog?




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          maryh91182852 Level 1

          We are new to Lr + new to this forum but will share with you what learned so far on the NAS with Lr.


          They are incompatiable.


          In  "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 Book" it states: "The Lr files can be imported to any drive destination you like. The only restriction you have is that the catalog file cannot be stored on a network attached storage (NAS) device. This is because the Lightroom catalog can't be shared with other users across a network and is an intentional SQLite database limitation designed to avoid corruption."


          Sum: no Lr catalogs on your NAS drives.


          I am quite not happy with that as this means I must buy another external harddrive to house our Lr  catalogs as cannot use the NAS drives we own. Actually means 2 new hard drives as need of course a backup for catalog on first new hard drive must buy as there is no room on our computer for Lr catalogs. IF we include previews/smart previews with catalogs to allow us to not have to have hard drive attached = this ups the size of our catalogs too.


          At this point going to see if can make backup copies of imported files to NAS drive. Believe that will be the only way can use NAS drives with Lr.


          I would love to be corrected!