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    Why the DC is lazy than previous versions? [Android]

    Dr. ELM

      I want to share my impressions.
      I've done this tiny research in LG G2 with latest android stock 4.2 ROM. Installed and unistalled several times both v11.5 (Adobe Reader) and v15 (Adobe Acrobat DC May 21, 2015). There was no any running app background, except messengers. This is my results:

      App opening duration, 5 time avreage2.24
      102mb scanned color book, display duration of full 1st and part 2nd page, 3 time average65.3
      Searching duration specific text("Joubert") located at 409th page, 3 time average66107
      Random page opening duration, finger momentum scrolling, 5 time average2.62.4
      Complicated prosedure duration: opening app, then without any delay opening book, then goto 1000th page, 3 time average11.613

      Results are shown in seconds, small values are preferred.


      It seems that there is a small improvement with "page load time" in DC version. But overall, old Reader version is much faster than DC.