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    How to *CREATE* Corrupt Lightroom Catalogues? (LR6/CC on Win 7)

    Henrik Nerr

      Hello. I do teaching and video tutorials. To be used in Lightroom 6 resp CC 2015 on Win 7/64, I need some CORRUPT lightroom catalogues, so i can teach how to replace the corrupt catalogues with a backup catalogue. I need 2 different CORRUPT catalogs that produce one of these messages (as shown in Kelby's LR book):

      - corrupt... until it is repaired

      - corrupt... and cannot be repaired at this time


      I tried various means to create corrupt catalogs for LR 6/CC 2015 on Win 7/64:

      - opened .lrcat file with Editor and deleted random lines

      - opened folder XY Previews.lrdata and renamed stuff


      After loading these damaged catalogues, i got various funny messages, but none hinted at a corrupt file. Instead i got these messages:

      - catalog too new for this LR version

      - catalog already in use somewhere else (but it wasn't)

      - catalog write-protected and can't be opened


      Can you tell me how i can reliably create a CORRUPT catalog that delivers real "corrupt"-messages (as mentioned high above)?


      Maybe there are corrupt catalogues somewhere available for download, but i am slightly wary to open these. I would prefer to create my own corrupt catalogues.


      So, how can i create a CORRUPT catalog that delivers real "corrupt"-messages?