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    Lightroom 6 Tools Not Working


      I have been using Lightroom 6 for a week without problems. Then, yesterday, when using the spot removal tool, the area that Lightroom selects to hide the identified spot was no longer visible (although the spots were removed). This means I can't change the area selected as I don't know where it is. Then, today, the little magnifying glass for enlarging the photo on screen stopped working. The symbol only appears at some points on the photo and not at others, and sometimes not at all. Similarly, if I manage to enlarge an image, I can't reduce it again. Next, the radial filter stopped functioning - again, the + symbol will only appear at some points on the image and not others, and even when I manage to create a filter, I am unable to move it (the hand symbol no longer appears) or stretch it from side to side. Finally, the graduated filter started acting up in the same way - with the + appearing only at some points on the screen image and not others. I have looked for solutions on Adope help pages but can't find anything specific. Any suggestions? Or do I need to uninstall and start again? If so, how will the photos I have already edited respond? Thanks. Mike