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    missing plug in- download current Adobe Flashplayer


      Hello to all, I was at a movie site which stated I needed download "adobe flashplayer e2c7b" update to view the movie. I dont download anything without researching it first which is why Im reaching out to someone who knows if this is legit.  Thanks very much for your time. Sunny

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Yeah, that was probably a smart choice.  When I searched for "e2c7b", I found a blog post from a lawyer including screenshots of an installer that's obviously not ours.  I left him a note advising him to run a malware scanner. 


          Unfortunately, because of Flash Player's ubiquity, it's a popular target for bad actors looking to distribute malware.  Flash Player installers are always signed with Adobe's digital signing certificate.  The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks (and attacks against similar products) is to always download installers directly from the publisher's site.


          Anyway, it sounds like you dodged a bullet.  Either enable Allow Adobe to Install Updates (recommended) under Control Panel > Flash Player > Updates, or always go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer instead of clicking through on links or buttons.