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    Can I upgrade to Lightroom 6 from Lightroom 4.4? [was: Lightroom 4.4 upgrade]


      I purchased Lightroom 4.4 about 6 months ago when I bought a new laptop, but would like to upgrade to Lightroom 6. Is that possible, or do I need to start afresh and purchase Lightroom 6 as a standalone application?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can upgrade to Lightroom 6 from any previous version of Lightroom.


          If you do not want the Cloud version (known as Lightroom CC) for $10/month then you can upgrade to Lightroom 6 (currently the same feature for feature as Lightroom CC) for US$79



          Click Buy

          I want to buy: <select Upgrade>

          I own: <select Lightroom 4.x>


          Complete your purchase