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    After Affects camera/adjustment layer position keyframe glitch 3D


      So I was making this intro, you know, and it was a plexus thing that formed into my name. I was animating the camera to go through the plexus stuff. I connected the camera to the adjustment layer. I set the position to be at a depth of 2666 and made a key frame there (It is 3D). Then I went later in the video and set another key frame for the depth to be at -11. When I pressed enter, it said -11 but the depth did not change. I played the video and everything was fine but when it got to the second depth key frame, it suddenly went back to a depth of 2666 for a second. Then it was fine again. I tried restarting After Affects and my computer, changing the depth to 0 instead of -11, and replacing the camera and adjustment layer, but the same thing keeps happening. Is there any way to fix this?