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    Drop down menu with multiple values


      Hi all and thanks for your help in advance.

      If been trying to get my head around scritps for adobe and have done some basic forms in volving them that i use for work, but this one has got me stumped and i'm hoping one of you advance users out there might be able to help me.

      My form is a bulk order coffee form Bulk Order Form test.jpg

      as you can see above. I'm wanting to have insteas have mulitple tick boxes have a few drop down boxes

      1. Name (This is easy i can do this)

      2. Cup size (three diffferent cup sizes and prices)

      3. Type of drink (these also have differing values)

      4. Type of milk (other than normal milk the others attrack a $0.50c surcharge)

      5. Additives (these also attrack a $0.50 surcharge but not all of them do)


      so the customer would pick  his/her name, Size of cup, Type of Coffee, 1/2 shot or double shot and then milk and then syrups. with the cost worked out in the cost column.

      I know how to add up the cost columns but not how to set up a drop down menu with differing values.


      Any help you could supply would be great. Cheers

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you wanting a dropdown that allows multiple selections? If so, that's not possible. A list box can be set up for multiple selections, but it would be difficult for a user in this case I think. I'd either stay with check boxes (clear and easy for users), or perhaps a custom dialog that has multiple check boxes and place the selections in a read-only text field.

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            gonads90 Level 1

            Yep "Dropdown with multiple selections/money values" that's what i was after. Had no idea if it was possible or not so thanks for clearing that up for me. Cheers.

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              A dropdown is used for mutually exclusive items (ie, you can only select one of them). I think that in your case you can use drop-downs for everything between Name and Additives. The former should be a text field, of course, and the latter a set of check-boxes (use a different field name for each one, so they're not mutually exclusive).

              You can assign a numeric export value to the items both in a drop-down and to check-boxes so that calculating the final cost is then easily done.