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    LR CC 2015 does not load "most recent" catalog

    tommymadd Level 1

      LR CC 2015 does not load the catalog last worked on...

      Have to manually load the catalog even though I have edited preferences and catalog setting to load most recent

      Also can't get rid of tips on startup.


      I am not a novice and this is annoying..



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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          There is a separate startup preferences file that holds the list of most recent catalogs. It's in the the Lightroom folder that's accessed from Preferences>Presets>Show Lightroom Presets Folder. It's the .agprefs file in the Preferences folder contained within that Lightroom folder. Perhaps something has happened to it? It's only a text file, so you can open it and read it.

          You can delete it, but I'd say restart the computer if it's a Mac as preferences now stay in memory. Just remember to start Lightroom by double clicking on the catalog you want to load as deleting those prefs make Lightroom forget what catalogs have been accessed.