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    cant export my pictures


      I am unable to export my pictures from Lightroom onto my computer. Help! What do I do? I need to have the ability to share team photos on facebook. Thank you

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          What are the details of all your options in the "Export" dialog window?

          What type of images are you trying to export?

          Where are you exporting your images too?

          What computer OS do you have? Do "Destination" folders have 'permissions'?

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            lillieh5613542 Level 1

            when I hit the eport button it shows a ? and says photo unavailable...they are pic I took at ballgame on memory card..i just want to send edited images to my computer...im new to this and it didn't come with instructions but my first set went fine, this time however was a pain and all I see are folders on the computer with numbers and letters and no images

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              First I suggest you read-   Lightroom 5 - Free Quick Start Guide PDF eBook | The Lightroom Queen


              Your questions just raise more questions-


              Where are your original image files? on your computer hard-drive?

              Did you Import (by 'copy' ) them from the memory card onto your hard-drive?

              Have you moved, renamed, or deleted them, using the computer OS Explorer/Finder ?

              Do you have a valid and accessible 'Destination' for the exported files in the 'Export' dialog window?

              Can you post screen-clips of your folders with "numbers and letters.." to help a diagnosis?