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    Total frustration in trying to use both Lightroom and Photoshop due to Server Busy


      More and more I keep getting Server Busy and I just am not being able to use a product that I pay for. What is the solution to get this software to work. When it works it great, but I am spending more and more time just trying to get the *!?!*# thing going. It is getting to a point that I seriously am starting to consider looking for other alternatives. Does any one know how the !@#$?@ to get this software to actually work. In the beginning it was a dream and would fly. I am running windows 8 i7 CPU 3.6mhz with 16GB of RAM so I am sure its not the machines capability. I have reloaded windows from scratch thinking it may be OS and still getting the @!#@$@#? issue.


      HELP anyone?