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    How to get iOS to upload all/multiple documents to the cloud?


      Hi all,


      As above, I need to upload many documents, preferably entire folders to adobe cloud from my ipad. (using IOS6) I need to upload to free enough space to upgrade the ipad, so that is not a solution.


      I upgraded to the latest compatible adobe, and now it won't do multiple uploads at all; the only option to save to adobe.com is when the document is already open. Is there no way to get it to save them all?


      Thanks guys!

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi Matthew,


          I assume that you have the previous version of the Adobe Reader for iOS app because your iPad is running iOS 6.


          Yes, there is a way to upload multiple documents to Adobe Document Cloud.


          1. Go to the Reader home screen.
          2. Tap My Account.
          3. Sign in with your Adobe ID (if you haven't signed in already).
          4. Tap Documents (which displays all of the files that are stored locally on your iPad/iPhone).
          5. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner.
          6. Select the files that you want to upload.
          7. Tap the Upload icon in the bottom bar.
          8. Tap "Save to Acrobat.com". (Acrobat.com is now renamed to Adobe Document Cloud.)


          Here's the screenshot from Adobe Reader for iOS version 11.6.4.



          Please note that you can upload up to 6 files at a time.


          This option is also available in the latest version of Acrobat Reader for iOS version 15.x. (But the user interface is a little bit different.)


          If you have large files (in size) or a large number of files, it may be faster to transfer the files from your iPad/iPhone to a Mac or Windows desktop computer using iTunes and upload the files on your computer to Adobe Document Cloud (https://cloud.acrobat.com/) via a web browser + Ethernet (not Wi-Fi/wireless) connection.


          Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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            I have a folder on my iPad inside Adobe reader app with a lot of PDFs within sub folders, I highlight answers on each of those PDFs with a lot of questions everyday. I want the entire folder to be on the cloud with all of its PDFs and annotations, exactly how it is with its sub folders. So I would be able to review them on my iPhone.

            Is it possible please?????

            if it is, how may I do that.