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    Where is the "Cloud" in "Creative Cloud"???

    M O J O

      I'm sorry Adobe, but it annoys me big time, that you call it Cloud.


      I'm able to install it on two computers (only use it on one computer at the same time).


      I have three computers ... one desktop (at work), one laptop (at home) for heavy duty editing and one smaller laptop for editing in the field.


      I have no problem with your license, but if you want to call it Cloud, I should be able to use it from which ever Pc I use - as long as I only use it only on one at the same time.


      You should change the title to "Creative Collection" (or something like that) or give the user possiblity to install on more computers.


      There's no Cloud in Creative Cloud. If the Cloud is for storing files, I have plenty of other opportunities (eg. Dropbox) for that.


      Just a little sigh from me.