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    different sharpnes in Bridge CS6 / Camera RAW




      when loading fotos (RAW format) into Bridge CS6 I see pictures which are not very sharp .  When I load them into Photoshop CS6 by using the Adobe RAW converter (most actual version) they are displayed in a much more better resolution quality/sharpnes than in Bridge CS6.


      Do I oversee a setting parameter in Bridge CS6 which results in a reduced sharpnes? I use Bridge CS6 as primary check of fotos (which to keep and which to remove). I'm afraid now that I have removed pictures based on the visible result in Bridge CS6.


      How do I have to work with Bridge CS6 to be sure that I really see the correct resultion/sharpness of my pictures?


      Thanks for your help


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          Yammer Level 4

          Big bone of contention for me.


          There is a setting in Bridge to improve sharpness: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Generate Monitor-Sized Previews

          Tick this and then purge the image cache for each image/folder you want to check.


          If it's already ticked, you are seeing the dodgy preview sharpening Bridge gives you with certain sized images. I started a discussion in the Bridge forum a few years ago, and everyone got bored of it after 15 pages. There's no answer, and no one at Adobe ever wanted to tackle it.


          When I went from a 12MP to a 36MP camera, the situation improved, apart from small crops. The softness effect also depends on your monitor's resolution in relation to the original image dimensions, and the quality of your graphics card's software.

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            Roland55 Level 1

            Hi Yammer,


            thanks for your feedback. I updated the bridge settings. Pictures seem to look sharper, but I cannot prove it.


            You are right when saying that the problem improves when using fotos from cameras with high resulutions. I realized the problem the first times when working with the Nikon D800E (36 MP). The problem with with my Nikon D750 (smaller resolution) seems to exist on a lower level.