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    What is replacing Photoshop Touch

    jpk129 Level 1

      I noticed that Photoshop Touch is being discontinued. This will take what amounts to taking a couple of years of learning, and tossing it out the window. I have tried the new apps. They do not have nearly the breadth that I found in Photoshop Touch. Some of the things I did in Touch that I can't seem to find out how to manage is doing a panorama with several images.How can I do that with the new apps? There is also the issue for me of working with layers. Do any of the new apps offer the same support for layers? Not last and not least is portability. One thing I like about Touch is that I can use it anywhere. With the new apps I have to be able to access to WIFI connection in order to use the full power of the apps. Allot of times I use my I Pad when I am away from a WIFI connection. For instance when I am in the country, I can work directly on a landscape without needing a WIFI connection.


      If anyone from Adobe out there is reading this: Please do not discontinue Photoshop Touch until your new apps that are designed to replace it are up, running, and available on ITunes.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          You can keep using PS Touch; you just won't be able to get it from the App Store (or Google Play) soon. I also imagine you'll be able to download it via your account it was purchased on.


          They're working on what's being called "Project Rigel," which more or less looks like a version of Camera Raw to me (a good thing) with some warping but no compositing/layers. According to Cnet, they apparently want users to defer to Photoshop Mix for layers but, as I recall, that can only work with 2 layers max. Maybe it's getting an overhaul too. I don't know for sure.


          There were some creative effects in PS Touch that don't look like they're even in Mix or Project Rigel, which has me a bit alarmed. I know I don't want Instagram effects. I want control over layers and selections to apply effects with.

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            jpk129 Level 1

            I agree with being alarmed. It seems like the App model is different than desktop software. What I am used to with Adobe, and about everyone else is that software is updated regularly. What I see with the App model is that even with a brand name corporation like Adobe we have no security that what we had yesterday will be here today and probably be better than what we had yesterday In other words;.If we are left in the dust, just too bad for us.


            I do agree with you that the loss of layer control is the single biggest loss. I also use Art Rage. It has layers, and offers control of the layers, but is a pain to be constantly switching apps every time I figuratively blow my nose. Another loss seems to be the work I currently do with masks. I use that feature quite a bit. Another big loss is the portability. As I mentioned I am frequently not at home, nor in reach of a decent WIFI connection.


            Having said that the selection feature in Mix is very sweet. I will probably use that quite a bit.

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              Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

              This blog post has probably the best explanation of the future direction for Mobile apps from Bryan Hughes: https://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2015/05/photoshop-mobile-apps.html


              Photoshop Touch should continue to run on existing iOS and Android devices.

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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                Yay, another ArtRage user!    (I use ArtRage anyway since it mirrors natural media painting, which is what I want when I'm in that mood.)

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                  leopards024 Level 1

                  Please keep Photo Shop Touch - It is the best learning tool for students before they take the next step in learning the full Photo Shop program.  I have built my Beginning Digital Media Arts program (over 600 students) around PS Touch and students get it and love it.

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                    jpk129 Level 1

                    For me it is odd that a major player in the visual software market would leave a hole like this between what they want to replace, and what they want for the future. It would be the same if Microsoft said they were stopping the sales of Windows for a while why they develop a new and better alternative. All I can really think of is that PS Touch was too good. Maybe they believe that it is sucking money away from PS, and the creative cloud.

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                      leopards024 Level 1

                      Yes, Adobe are you listening?  I convinced my school district that students would get a top rate Adobe experience which would encourage more students to go into the Technology Career Pathway. I have a class set of iPads and have taught over 600 students thus far with great success.  Public Schools are a huge market for this product, help us out and give us your expertise in curriculum and lesson planning resources as well.  Adobe please partner with us and keep the app alive, we are willing to invest our time to teach your product don't miss out on the Primary/Secondary Education market.

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                        Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                        To be honest, it's still too early to tell. We know that Adobe is taking a more modular approach and maybe even thinking of the new apps as an extension of their full desktop counterparts. (Let's face it, at least right now and unless you have a Surface Pro, the mobile apps won't mirror anything a desktop can do.) That's not to say PS Touch wasn't bad at all but I remember users complaining of not being able to take their PSD projects and importing them into PS Touch with layers intact. (Again, a hardware limitation, I'm sure.) Going with a new, more consistent solution makes more sense.


                        Hey, Jeffrey Tranberry, could you tell your contacts to hurry with Android tablet support with the beta apps, pretty please? Chop, chop. It's bad enough I had to shut off the absolute flood of Google+ updates on the beta community since I can't give any input. I do have an Android phone but I only use it for the most basic of tasks, like my shopping lists and talking. 

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                          jpk129 Level 1

                          I am fine with Adobe making changes. In fact I welcome it. As much as I like PS Touch, I can see lots of room for development. My only objection right now is that they have decided to discontinue selling, and supporting PS Touch before their alternative is in place. So for me it is timing more than the decision itself.

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                            henri2008 Level 1

                            As someone who has used Adobe for more than 20 years, the experience I've had w/ touch apps being discontinued so easily has put doubts in my mind about Adobe caring for customers that were planning to downloads some of these apps that are no longer available. I was going to get Adobe Photoshop touch for a phone I just got , Note 3. It was available a few days or weeks ago ... and now....... gone ... poooffff.... very frustating

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                              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                              Did you have PS Touch on another device, henri? PS Touch should still be available under the marketplace account you purchased PS Touch with. (I still have PS Touch available under my Google Play account.)


                              These forthcoming apps, for whatever it's worth, are going to be free, so there's that. Good or bad, you guys know I've got your back as I will give constructive feedback being an ardent PS Touch user myself.

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                                Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

                                Thanks for the feedback. I will let the team know.

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                                  TAZ VIKING Level 1

                                  I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), and it was suppose to come with photoshop. I've been searching everywhere to find it. So I stared searching the Web and found this post. I was really looking forward to trying photoshop, as the only thing I've used is MS Paint.

                                  I'm really disappointed in Adobe for deleting this app before I even had a chance to try it. I sure as hell won't buy anything from Adobe again.

                                  I'm getting fed up with these companies deleting stuff after you buy a product.

                                  I brought the Dish DVR PAL a few years ago, and then they stopped the TV GUIDE.

                                  There really should be a law against this.

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                                    jgilles Level 1

                                    Ive been using adobe photoshop for 25 years or more and also a big fan of ps touch. It was the closest thing to the real thing.  I’m a professional retoucher and not surprised at the lack of customer care. Adobe has been messing with us and photoshop for years. changing things for no reason eliminating things for no reason.  Moving **** around for no reason. Using their products for a living is extremely frustrating. As an artist you get into a rythem. When you stop supporting something we’ve gotten use to,  It seems like you’ve never talked to those of us that use these things! I really think your more interested in creating apps for dummy’s that amount to nothing more than cheap effects.  Get a clue Adobe, don’t leave your professional users In the dark!

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                                      BrendaC55 Level 1

                                      I totally agree w/you. I have been using several of the “replacements” and they are subpar. Try doing a remove background & the auto feature takes part of the pic w/it. I have yet to find the paint bucket on any of the apps to change a color. PS Touch worked w/detail and precision so you come out with a professional image. I was building a project from top to bottom and now the only one that I feel merits much of anything is PS Mix, but again the 2 problems above. I have worked with Pixelmator and it’s a pretty good alternative but still not as strong as Touch. What baffles me is that Adobe is apparently not getting it that mobile means your phone & iPad. I have a laptop but you know seems like they are going backwards. Very frustrating. My Touch was in the purchased apps and had the cloud icon to download but it’s sitting there just black   If you find out which apps will do what I would appreciate it. And that leads me to finally the most ridiculous of all is jumping between apps. Geez!!

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                                        Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                                        There were two things working against PS Touch (as great as it was):


                                        1. The fact that it didn't integrate with Photoshop too well (one could upload a PSDX (PS Touch's native format) to Creative Cloud and get it later on one's desktop, but that seemed clunky compared to the way Mix does it), and
                                        2. John Nack (who was instrumental in PS Touch's inception and creation) left Adobe for Google


                                        This may all be a moot point in a few years since operating systems like Windows have converged their desktop and mobile paradigms. Personally, I'd rather have full-on Photoshop CC in a mobile atmosphere than an app that complements it.    (Though I don't denigrate what the mobile team has done; the CC mobile apps can still be pretty darned handy in a pinch.)

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                                          michaelw76772702 Level 1

                                          When launching PS Touch on an iphone with ios 10.3.3, a message comes up about the app not working in ios 11.  Very frustrating that I'd like to upgrade my phone to something more powerful, but as ios 11 is going to come with it, poof, there goes my PS Touch capability. And then, Adobe is now charging outrageous subscription fees for creative apps?

                                          Really, what does it take to convert a 32-bit app to 64-bit capability; you don’t have enough skilled programmers to rectify this?

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                                            BrendaC55 Level 1

                                            Does anyone know which adobe iOS app is best at removing backgrounds? I am using Photoshop mix which is not too bad but when you try to remove say a white background of a flower, it removes part of the flower. That is using the auto feature. If you do cut out basic or smart you use the brushes yourself & it’s not good on mobile. So nothing is looking clean. Photoshop Express is about the same way.


                                            Anyone have any ideas??



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                                              Pedro_Antonio Level 1

                                              After using PS Touch on my iPad 4 practically every day since Adobe first released it in 2013, I bought an iPad Pro 9.7” 1st gen ( despite having the option to buy the more powerful later version releases—will explain why shortly ) and an Apple Pen, This combination offers the most amazing and unparalleled array of tools for photo editing and compositing ( especially its unique layers, masking, warp, fade and transform selection features, not to mention great transparency results using Replace Color ) on an iPad that I have yet to duplicate with any other existing iOS app. As an aside, check out Russell Brown’s great PS Touch series to augment it’s built-in tutorials.

                                              I’ve tried Affinity Photo ( powerful with some amazing features but complicated UI and daunting learning curve when coming from PS Touch ), Pixelmator, Enlight and a host of others, as well as Adobe’s diluted Express, Mix and Fix apps ( some nice features but split among all 3 and no match for PS Touch ). For content aware removal / crop expanson, nothing beats HandyPhoto, while Filterstorm Neue yields great results for resizing up to larger dimensions—both of which can be directly transferred via “Open In...” to PS Touch...awesome!

                                              Although the Pro is a big improvement over my iPad 4 and is Pen-compatible, the major reason was still being able to purchase a Pro model with iOS 10 installed. As Apple now solely supports 64-bit apps starting with iOS 11, 32-bit PS Touch ( as well as a number of my other favorite apps ) can no longer run under any future iOS versions. I refuse to give up everything I can now do with PS Touch and my Apple Pen, and am.resigned to being locked out from all the great features in 11 as well as future iOS improvements ( I’ll probably buy another Pro just to take advantage of all my other updated 64-bit apps ).

                                              Adobe, please, please, please reconsider finding a replacement for developer John Nack, updating PS Touch to a 64-bit version and re-releasing it — once again giving you total dominance above all other iOS apps as the ONLY photo editing app to consider using for professional results on an iPad.