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    New user account due to ID slow - need to migrate saved search and replace queries

    notannhavoc Level 1

      I've had  a similar problem earlier  [pls see ]

      ID is very slow - takes forever to bring up the start-up screen with the  tips  - says background task running  - but when I open background task  window - shows nothing - only way to close is to use Windows task manager and end program

      mouse movements are delayed - it takes forever to do anything

      Windows 7 Pro

      Intel CPU - 2.93 Ghz

      Ram - 8 Gb

      AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

      Previously I was able to solve it by deleting the file Recovery Data  in the users/user name/appdata/local/adobe/indesign/version 10.0/en_US/Caches/InDesign REcovery- and that seems to have temporarily fixed the issue as ID is behaving normally now. The advice in that thread was to create another user account. After  several days of trying to solve this issue again - I gave in and created the new user account which solved the problem.

      What a nightmare - all my  logins/passwords program customization, etc built over many years need to be  rebuilt.  In ID I had many custom search and replace queries saved both text and GREP. I use these on a recurring basis every month and am dismayed that I now need to recreate these - are these not stored in a file  somewhere that I can import.?

      also I had many custom color swatches and probably many more things that I have yet to find. Isn't there a way of migrating these?

      All this because ID  was sooo slooow.