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    How can I convert my A4 document to an A5 sheet format (InDesign CC2014)?

    camilaf3199346 Level 1

      Good evening!


      Please, I have created an INDD and I've saved it as an A4 document. However, I have to send it to the print shop as A5 because its their standard.


      The thing is: I would like to keep both formats (A4 and A5), because I believe that A4 is better for reading this document online (as an ebook) and A5 is necessary because it is going to be pressed by a proffesional printer/publisher.


      Last Friday, I have created a new template (INDT) and then I have changed all paragraph styles to smaller sizes (because I've applied a smaller page format "A5").

      I would like to know if there is any other easier way to change it, because I have a deadline to hand it out (next week) and I send it soon as possible to the print shop?


      OBS: It's Indesign CC 2014 and I use it in my job, so it's not possible to install softwares without approval. Therefore, I would rather prefer solutions without installing anything.


      OBS2: Sorry if I have commited any English misspellings in my explanation, because I am not a native English speaker.



      Thanks in advance!