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    Lightroom removing entire image folders


      Hi everyone! For the past 2 weeks my Lightroom has been randomly removing entire image folders. It started 2 weeks ago when I noticed a folder of images I had yet to cull/export was completely gone. I had been cleaning out files on my computer and figured I might've accidentally removed it. Well, last week 2 more files disappeared and I just logged on my computer today and another file is completely gone. I used spotlight to search and the RAW images are nowhere to be found. Images that I've exported out of Lightroom though are still available in the folder I exported them to.  1 week ago I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe CC (and PS + LR) thinking it would help but it didn't. I haven't had any files disappear from anywhere else on my computer so I really feel like this is a Lightroom issue. Any suggestions? I hate having to immediately cull + edit photo sessions in fear I might lose them! (I've also started backing up to 2 EHDs since all of this began.)

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          Using up to date Adobe Lightroom CC 2015:

          I am having the same issue of entire folders disappearing. This has been going on periodically for months. I, too, have second guessed that I was screwing something up. I wasn't.


          I am going to be totally basic in my description of what I am looking at on my desktop PC screen: Left hand column (into which the images are imported) shows new 2017 Collection with only two folders. Right hand column shows, on that same drive, the same new 2017 Collection with all of the imported images in the established folders when imported, as well as, the additional sub folders of finished images.


          Second issue and I am pretty sure they are related: when I check how Lightroom is reading my SD cards that still have the original images files, LR is showing that none are images are duplicates that have already been imported...but, they have.


          This is whack! Can someone help?