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    Very aggravating sign-in and Bridge problems

    BobbyH5280 Level 3

      I have some serious issues with the CC installation on my notebook computer.


      First of all, I can't launch any CC application without getting hit with the very irritating, annoying sign in prompt. Every single time. This happens despite specifically signing out and in the Creative Cloud control applet and even being signed in on this very web site. No! You still have to sign in every single time you launch an app. That's like Chinese water torture. Adobe really needs to tweak this to where CC doesn't pester the user so much to constantly sign in. It should make no different whether the user has his CC license installed on a single desktop machine or is going back and forth between an office computer and a home computer.


      Second, Bridge CC doesn't work properly anymore. It refuses to allow editing of any Camera RAW files regardless of the fact Photoshop CC 2014 has been launched and re-launched again and again. Bridge will not see it. Rebooting doesn't help. I'm wondering if I just need to uninstall all of CC and reinstall my old CS5.5 Master Collection set of discs. At least those will work.