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    export color problem


      I have LR CC 2015 and PS CC 2014 when I export my files into PS they get a yellow cast both are set to ProPhoto RGB 16 Bit does anyone know what is going on

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's a broken monitor profile. Recalibrate, or if you don't have a calibrator use sRGB until you do. It's not uncommon that different apps react differently to a bad profile.


          If you use a calibrator, make sure it produces v2, matrix/curve-based profiles, not v4 and/or LUT/table-based profiles. Either of the latter two can be problematic in some circumstances.


          Matching color settings in Lr/PS is not necessary. Each should display correctly regardless of profile.

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            macdaddy52 Level 1

            I really don't think that is the problem I installed LR 4 and it work perfectly this didn't happen until I installed the update to LR CC 2015. If I export it to Topaz Infusion first and open that file in Light room it shows the Edit Photo with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Box it opens in the correct color