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    Execute an HTML code on button press?


      Currently I am using a simple code in an "HTML object" in Adobe Muse. On the same page, I have an HTML5 player that plays music and I am using this code to change the track that it plays:

      <ul class="playlist"> <li><a href="#" onclick="playsong('http://milesthatch.net/Portfolio/Charred%20Dirt/GrassLand%20001%20-%20Front%20Lines.ogg');">Grassland Frontlines</a></li>

      Now I wanted to do an upgrade and made a nice little animated playlist in Adobe Edge Animate. There is a button, clicking it is supposed to use the above code to change the track that the HTML5 player plays, however there is no HTML5 code event within Edge Animate.

      In Muse, that code is placed into an "HTML object" and it simply prints the title and by clicking on it, the player changes the music to the one in the link.

      Is there any way to get the action of clicking on a button in Edge Animate to execute that code?