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    Uninstalling DMX Zone Extension Manager ?

    DDmUSA Level 1

      I installed this stand-alone extension manager application for Dreamweaver in an effort to gain an extension that would generate XML sitemap files?  The program is called DMX Zone Extension Manager (for Windows).  I could not get the XML sitemap extension installed with Dreamweaver CC 2014.1, so I visited the "Add/Remove" section of the control panel in Windows 7 to remove this extension manager.  When I open Dreamweaver, I still see a menu item for DMX Extension Manager.  How can I completely remove this extension manager from my system?  I did a search on my "C" drive for "DMX" and there are files and folders that show up.  The image shows the files and folders that are still on my system.



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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are two locations where the files are housed, one is a temp folder and the other is the configuration folder for Dreamweaver.


          Close Dreamweaver, remove both folders and restart Dreamweaver.

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            DDmUSA Level 1

            I removed three folders pertaining to DMX Zone Extension Manager.  If I visit the "Commands" menu in Dreamweaver, I am now getting a script error as follows:
            Unable to open script file "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014.1\Configuration\Shared\DMXzone\Google Sitemap\dmxGoogleSitemap_lib.js (error 3)




            Doing a search for the word "sitemap" shows a few things still on my system as follows:



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              DDmUSA Level 1

              I did a bit more investigating, and I found a file "insertbar.xml" that still had a reference to the Google Sitemap extension I was trying to install, so I removed this reference from the file  The "DMX Zone Extension Manager" was still showing up on the "Commands" menu in Dreanweaver, but I was no longer getting the script error, so I interacted with the "Edit Commands List..." from the "Commands" menu and the "DMX Zone Extension Manager" was the only command listed, and there was an option to remove it, so I did.


              So....  how can I be certain that nothing is remaining on my system for the DMX Zone Extension Manager and the Google Sitemap Generator Extension ?


              The "Commands" menu now looks like this: