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    Enjoy Frustration or Punishment?

    leotemp Level 1
      Want to use a non standard bloated platform for building "rich" sites, use flex.

      Want to scratch you head and wonder why such a simple easy to accomplish task is almost impossible, use flex.

      Want to watch your machine gobble gigs of ram and just lock up and force a reboot, use flex builder.

      Want to build a site that can not be bookmarked or spidered by Google and other search engines, use flex.

      Want to make your site require 3rd party downloads that will choke a modem user, yep, use flex.

      Want to go through a steep learning curve that in the end will just teach you that Adobe is completely out of touch with the average web developer, use flex.

      Want to build you application in the slowest most complicated manner possible, use flex.

      Want to learn a new appreciation for the web browser, standards and good ole HTML and JavaScript, use flex.

      Want to spend all your waking hours on this impossibly slow forum desperately awaiting someone who actually knows how to make flex do something that can be accomplished in seconds in HTML, use flex.

      Want to make skinning your app a frightening and complex process that takes a 100 times longer then it does using standard web technologies, use flex.

      There are many reasons to use flex, list your favorite reason. Mine is using flex is so terrible It is actually worse then putting a revolver in my mouth and pulling the trigger there by saving me the hassle of having to register to purchase a firearm, just load up flex, try doing something easy and basic and then spend the rest of the day hating yourself, awesome.

      Or you could just use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server side tech like you always have and never learn to like putting a gun in your mouth, the choice is yours.

      Oh yeah, try this instead of flex for your animations/graphic effects and AJAX functionality, it might just be everything you need
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          Someone seems to be mad :P
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            leotemp Level 1
            I am not mad anymore as about 3 months ago i stopped the madness that is using flex for building web sites and just went back to HTML and AJAX solutions and things are working out for me allot better. I am able to build way faster, with less stress and both me and my machine plus my applications are way smaller and compliant.

            Almost every time i tried to secure a client with a flex demo there was some kind of issue at their office that prevented flex from loading and usually from installing so my demos were routinely reduced to a progress bar and error msg, not good, not professional and not possible to work around. All the features my clients wanted were all the things flex does so terribly and in the end it was a massive waste of time trying to utilize it for anything other then video and audio presentation.

            *LOUD FARTING NOISE*
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              dimival Level 1
              Good for you man :)

              Unfortunately there are people who use flex and are happy that way, me included :)
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                KomputerMan.com Level 1
                I felt your pain... but am over it now...

                Flex does have a steep learning curve but after using it for a few months it also does some amazing things. I still get a little confused about why and how flex goes about calling events but I am getting used to it now. But now that I have developed my first database driven application (with 50 back end tables) I am pretty satisfied with the choice I made to develop this in Flex instead of CF.

                My end users are so impressed that I am confident that this project will lead to more work down the road. Amazing product but it doesn't do all for all. Also I don't think all can learn to use it, but if you are one of them that can learn it prepare to write your own ticket!

                Have an Ordinary Day...
                KomputerMan ~|:-)

                P.S. some of the undocumented features are pretty annoying though... just look at my latest help me flare!!! :)