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    Fireworks Scripting: Persistent CustomData in Docs

      I've been working on a custom template and some scripts that solve a production problem for my workgroup. In a nutshell it involves tagging objects (paths and text) according to their function in the interface, and being able to change their appearance from full preview to wireframe (black outlines and some gray) and back again. The tags function somewhat like stylesheets, except in this case the stylesheet has two 'modes', mockup and wireframe, and several 'states', active inactive, selected, etc..

      To record the tags, I write to the customData property of the objects. But I think I would also like to record all the style definitions somewhere in the files themselves, rather than having to include the 300+ lines of code in every script. Is there something like a customData property for documents? I don't see anything like it in the documentation ("Extending Fireworks").

      I suppose I could create a path on its own layer, call the layer "data", lock it and make it invisible. Then I could write the style definitions to the customData property of the path, but I was hoping there was a more elegant alternative that would be transparent to the user.

      Anybody have any ideas?