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    Face recognition in huge (150k pics) catalogue not working


      Started face recognition and it did a superb job in the beginning, now it's just horribly inaccurrate. Currently I have about 50 different people with about 200 pics of them. The sugguestions were great but now it's just a mess. Women get male names suggested and vice versa. Of course some people grew a beard in the years, wear sunglasses etc. but it worked in the beginning. Now I'd have to tag every face manually. There's no grouping of faces anymore and 90% of the suggested names are just wrong. Googling this issue seems I'm not alone.


      Of course a lot of stuff gets detected as faces as well, for example: but that's more a fun thing to see than a real problem.



      Guess we have to wait for a bugfix here. It's a bit annoying because face recognition was the reason why I upgraded to LR CC - I have a lot of family pics and it's nice to have all the pics for a certain person at a glance for birthday billets etc.

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          Face detection seems horrible.

          I have just installed LR.CC demo and imported 85,000 pictures successfully.

          Now I am trying to use the face detection and it has names 8679 and unnamed 16946 and does nothing but constantly hang.

          I have optimized all settings, use a SSD drive, given it plenty space and RAM and still is unusable.

          This was a feature I wanted to demo before I buy, without it doubt I will buy the full version and just de-install.