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    Problem Compiling

      Hi all,

      Just new to the whole Flex thing, but have run into a problem, and I'm not sure what to try next. I'm trying to test out Flex Data services, but I can't get the applications to compile. I'm running one of the sample apps off of JRun4 u6 and I'm sure that I've followed the Data Services setup instructions properly (j2re1.4.1 is the JRE I have installed on my Win2003 test machine). However, whenever I try to run a Flex application I get the following error:
      Compilation Results

      Errors, warnings or exceptions were found while compiling /dataservice/flexcab/flexcabDriver.mxml. Visit the online Flex documentation or API reference for further information.

      1 Exception found.

      Exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

      Unfortunately, that's all that gets thrown out at me. I've searched for this error, and have seen a ton of different suggestions, but nothing seems to apply specifically. I have no real idea where to start with this Java error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      P.S. - I'm planning on using Flex integrated with ColdFusion, but want to make sure that I have the data services working before I go any further.
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          peelmaster Level 1
          After working on this some more, and trying a number of different JRE's I was finally able to compile my flex applications (JRE 1.5 version 10 doesn't even seem to work with JRun, and 1.4.1 works, but I get the Java Class error). I had a coworker notice that way up in my JRun console that there was a little failure notice. I switched my JRE over to and tried again. Success - my Flex apps are now compiling fine! I feel dumb for not trying this sooner.

          Take care all,