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    2.0.1 Modules Problem

      I'm having the following problem:

      I've built a module (called Modulo1.swf) that contains a DataGrid and a couple of controls.
      Then I made another module (called Modulo2.swf) that also contains a DataGrid and an Accordion.
      Then I made a project called VisorModulos (ModuleViewer), it only load and unload this modules.
      The error occurs after loading and unloading twice a module. It fails with the first module and also with the second, here is the link:


      To reproduce the error you must load and unload at least twice any module. In case of the first module, after loading for the second time, try using the DataGrid.

      Right click to view source.

      Any idea?
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          We will shortly be kicking off a big Flex project which we hope will make a lot of use of modules, hence my interest in this message.

          I copied the source for this test app and ran it on my local machine. From the error, it looks like the problem arises when the TabView tries to register with the History Manager, but the Singleton History Manager isn't there, hence the null pointer. I expected that the instance of the HistoryManager would live in the main application, so I put an empty TabView in it. The main app XML now looks like this...

          ... other stuff....

          <mx:ModuleLoader id="Loader" top="70" left="10" right="10" bottom="10" ready="pb.visible=false" />

          ... other stuff....

          This seems to be a workaround for the problem. To explain, the main app will initialise the TabView as normal which will in turn initialise the HistoryManager. The HistoryManager is then available when Module2 tries to register with it.

          However, this is only a workaround, and there is clearly a problem with initialisation of TabViews in a module, so I guess it's over to the Adobe guys to provide a fix. Somewhere on the Adobe site there is a page to report issues like this....I've used it before but lost the URL... could somebody post the URL to this message and then I'll report an issue to Adobe....

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            fbrussa@gmail.com Level 1
            Thanks Ed... I send the proyect to Adobe for analize ...

            we will have to hope....

            I too have develop a big proyect and need modules