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    Adobe CC Desktop App "Breaks"


      Dear Adobe Community


      Ive installed this new adobe creative cloud desktop app, it runs for a while, 1-2 days no problem, then "something" happens, it shows up (was in tray) all black or white inside, then it can't be used anymore. (so far i didn't pin down why this happens, seems rather random currently)

      After i stop it with the task manager and try to reopen it i get an error stating "adobe creative cloud is needed to resolve this problem. however, it is missing or damaged" and i have to download it again.


      now i realize that there probably won't be a decent fix (or if there is please tell me), so what id like is a "offline installer" for the desktop app, since i dislike the notion of downloading (some mb of data, i don't know how much it loads but it takes a while on my slow network) it over and over again, the 10secs it takes to install, well i can live with that, not perfect but sadly it seems we have to use it.



      So again in short: Where can i get a full offline installer for the current adobe creative cloud desktop app.


      thanks for any reply that helps solving my problem.